GAFTA Analysts and Superintendents.

A superintendent and analyst member of the Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA), Alex Stewart Agriculture works closely with many of the world's leading grain traders and provides independent monitoring, testing, technical inspection and consultancy, in full compliance with GAFTA's sampling rules.
Alex Stewart Agriculture can also arrange fumigation services, to ensure that cargoes are transported in the correct and approved condition, and a variety of collateral management services, such as crop monitoring, storage supervision for grains, control of transportation between storage facilities and certifying overall quantity and quality aspects.
Technical consultancy services represent another speciality area at Alex Stewart Agriculture. Our strategically and commercially located operational offices offer support and advice regarding ports and silos, and provide informative interpretation of the latest industry standards concerning the sampling and analysis of grains and cereals.

Analytical Services:
Cereals inspected, analysed and certified according to GAFTA standards include grain, wheat, barley, maize and oats. Our comprehensive and highly accurate analysis technology generates detailed measurements of:

* Admixture
* Aflatoxins
* GMO tests
* Hagberg falling number
* Hecrolitre weight
* Infestation
* Moisture
* Protein or nitrogen
* Radiation tests
* Specific weight