High Risk not knowing the value of your business, whether it's for external purposes, such as firm, property, ship, tug, barge, movable or non-movable items or internal purposes, such as Ownership transition, valuation for government audit purposes, all owners should know that how much their investments are worth.

At Alex Stewart International (Malaysia), we are engineered to address these issues and taking the challenge to over-come the assessment of the properties accurately.

Our team comprises of Experienced, Skilled & Knowledgable Surveyors with the Marine & Engineering background.

The above inspection covers but not limited to ;
- General Condition of Vessel, Tug, Barge, Yachts, Crafts, Catamarans and others
- General Condition of Cargo Gears
- 3rd Party Inspection, Pre-shipment Inspection: Machineries, Plants, Equipments
- General Condition of Engines / Related
- Factory Valuation / EPCC Project Cargo
- Assessment of Machineries for the purpose of Valuation
- Valuation for the Finance Institution.